We fight zero-days by reviewing the code of the projects we provide vulnerability scanning for, before they become zero-days

The SecurifyLabs Difference

  • High Assurance Open-Source Security Code

    High-Assurance Code Security

    High assurance code security is an evidence based approach to application security. It ensures that the code has a high degree of resilience against cyber-attacks. Vulnerability scanning alone does not prevent zero-days, our approach of performing security code review for the open-source projects we support builds better defence in depth to minimize, and in some cases, eliminate zero-days.
  • Sustainable open-source security

    Sustainable Open-Source Security

    Although, open-source software has a better security record than closed-source software; it still has bugs. When these bugs are found and exploited, they could become major security risk to your business since the details of the bugs are often disclosed before users have a chance to patch their versions. SecurifyLabs’ proactive approach offers customized security that eliminates current and future vulnerabilities, protecting your data and ensuring your business continuity.
  • Risk-free open-source investment

    Risk-Free Investment

    We de-risk your investment in open-source by providing ongoing software security for future versions of each open-source project we support. This ensures business continuity by providing the open-source community with the skills that they desperately need to properly lock down the code against cyber attacks.
  • Assured Remediation Support

    Expert Remediation Support

    Uncovering security bugs is just half the solution – properly fixing these bugs is the other half. On average, we uncover more than 100* vulnerabilities per project. After we report these flaws, we help the open-source developers fix them properly, ensuring that security is not a threat to open-source innovation.


    * Based on a 500K LoC php project

Our Contribution to Open-Source Projects

Open-Souce Projects We Work With
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