More and more organizations have begun using open source software to fill their needs. Open source software, in terms of security, has been acknowledged to be more secure than the traditional proprietary software due to the transparency that open source encourages. However, there is a rising problem with this model.
While there are security professionals and researchers who perform security audits sporadically for open source projects,.Thus far, there hasn’t been any organized movement to provide proactive security measures for open source. The current model is a reactive find-and-patch that doesn’t give control to either open-source developers or consumers until it is too late.

Open-source projects are increasingly prominent in a variety of online applications, including content management systems (CMS), shopping carts, wikis, forums, customer relationship management, electronic health records and enterprise resource planning (ERP). We’re convinced that by properly securing the most popular 20% of open-source software, we can secure 80% of the Internet.

Our President, Sherif Koussa, founded SecurifyLabs to deliver high-assurance application security for open-source projects, with the goal of improving clients’ security posture and eliminating zero-days. The lead developer for renowned open-source security education tool OWASP WebGoat v5.0, Sherif brings more than 15 years of expertise in software management, and nearly a decade of experience providing application security services for U.S. and Canadian banks, federal departments and Fortune 500 companies.

Sherif has in-depth knowledge of the open-source industry, as well as of best practices for writing secure code. He understands that although open-source developers are leading the way from a technology standpoint, they tend to let security take a back seat, often because of the expense and the effort involved.

That’s where SecurifyLabs comes in. With our innovative cost-sharing approach, we eliminate the hassles of security for open-source developers so they can focus their resources on coding. Our world-class engineering team, combined with our specialized tools, provides the solution you need to make sure you and your customers are protected. Because your business security is our business.

Trust the experts at SecurifyLabs.