About us

The Story Behind SecurifyLabs

The Gap

Open source software, in terms of security, has been acknowledged to be more secure than the traditional proprietary software due to the transparency that open source encourages. However, there is a rising problem with this model.
While several security professionals and researchers perform security audits sporadically for open source projects.Thus far, there hasn’t been any organized movement to provide proactive security measures for open source software. The current model is a reactive find-and-patch that doesn’t give control to either open-source developers or consumers until it is too late.

The Idea

That’s where SecurifyLabs comes in. With our innovative cost-sharing approach, we eliminate the hassles of security for open-source developers so they can focus their resources on innovation. Additionally, we provide open-source users with a more secure software at a fraction of the cost than if they would have done it on their own. Our world-class engineering team, combined with our specialized tools, provides the solution you need to make sure open-source users and their data are protected. Because your business' security is our business.