Why settle for just vulnerability scanning while you can get a high-assurance solution for the same price.

The SecurifyLabs Solution

  • Black-box style deep server inspection.
  • Open-source high-assurance code security.
  • Monitoring for components down the stack usually hidden from scanners.
  • Continuous vulnerability scanning for rising threats.
  • Dashboard to help you understand your overall risk
  • Remediation support that ensures issues found are properly addressed.
  • Cost-sharing model that optimizes your security budget.

So How Does It Actually Work?



Find the web-based, open-source software that powers your business from the several web-based projects we support.


Once you choose a plan, we will perform deep inspection (pentesting) for your server. Simply follow the step-by-step instructions we’ll send to secure your server. At the same time, every package sold means more code security to the software.


While you go about your business, we will continuously monitor your server for any emerging threats, any environment or configuration issue. Additionally, we will continuously perform code review for the open-source code.


You can breathe easy knowing that our high-assurance solution got you covered while you focus on your bottom line.

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