Tiki is a leading Wiki/CMS open-source web application. Actively developed since 2002, the project has been downloaded more than 1 million times and is used to power a wide range of websites and Intranets. It has won numerous distinctions, including the People’s Choice Award for Best Free CMS at the 2012 Critics’ Choice CMS Awards. More than 250 people contributed code to Tiki, making its open-source team one of the largest in the world. The project’s developers are programming experts. But when it comes to application security, they know they need to rely on external support to help protect their software.

The Challenge

Tiki’s team was fielding repeat questions from their customers, who were concerned about security and risk. Determined to deliver the best code possible, Tiki’s developers responded to every vulnerability that was flagged to them. But by taking such a reactive approach, they were losing valuable time to security concerns – time that could otherwise have been spent evolving and expanding their project. On top of that, the Tiki team was aware that there additional, undetected security risks with their code, and that a hacker needs only one vulnerability to attack the software. So they called on SecurifyLabs, the security experts.

The SecurifyLabs Solution

Our team pre-assessed Tiki’s software and created a custom crowd-funding campaign that met the project’s unique requirements. We combed through each line of code, using automated and manual methods, and delivered a comprehensive list of proven vulnerabilities. Next, our security engineers worked closely with Tiki developers to fix the identified issues, ensuring it was done right the first time. Thanks to our collaboration, Tiki is among the most secure Wiki/CMS projects on the market. Tiki’s developers can rest easy knowing that their clients' data is safe, and that they didn’t have to break the bank to access a high-assurance application security service. SecurifyLabs is proud to have helped Tiki secure a strong competitive advantage at no cost to the community.