Our Security Code Review Process

Threat Modelling1

Threat Modelling

Proper threat modelling is the first step towards proper security code review.
Static Code Analysis2

Static Code Analysis

We run commercial and proprietary static code analysis tools.
Manual Review3

Manual Review

We manually check security-sensitive modules as well as a 100-points checklist to ensure maximum coverage.


Every finding is manually verified: we report only confirmed issues, saving valuable development time.

We help build a more secure

Code Security Through Iteration

Our unique approach to open-source security answers two important questions:
1) How can security be retrofitted to already existing code?
2) How much security is enough?
Open-source software was created in iterations, we secure it the same way; in iterations. With every vulnerability scanning package sold, we perform our proprietary process for a class of vulnerability or more. The more packages sold, the more indication that there is a business need for more security. Please check the sample security code review tasks schedule for an example.

Your Trusted Open-Source Security Partner

SecurifyLabs is the only application security company that provides systematic, reliable, and dependable open-source security solution. Our unprecedented approach to perform extensive security code review for the projects we support is the best way to stop zero-days.

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Open-source developer? If you want to play among the big guys and protect your clients' data; SecurifyLabs is the best solution to help you achieve that goal.